Romain Brégier


My PhD thesis is currently confidential.

R. Brégier, F. Devernay, L. Leyrit, and J. L. Crowley, "Defining the Pose of Any 3D Rigid Object and an Associated Distance", in International Journal of Computer Vision, 2017. (article, HAL).
Article in which we introduce a notion of pose of a rigid object accounting for its potential symmetries, along with some tools enabling to deal with it in an efficient and rigorous manner.

R. Brégier, F. Devernay, L. Leyrit and J. L. Crowley, "Symmetry Aware Evaluation of 3D Object Detection and Pose Estimation in Scenes of Many Parts in Bulk", in The IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV) Workshops, 2017. (paper, supplementary material , poster).
Best Paper Award. The associated dataset can be found here.

M. Grard, R. Brégier, F. Sella, E. Dellandréa, L. Chen, "Object Segmentation in Depth Maps with One User Click and a Synthetically Trained Fully Convolutional Network", in Human-Friendly Robotics, 2018 (paper).


H. Henry, F. Sella, R. Brégier, "Method And Facility For Automatically Gripping An Object", WO 2015/162390 A1.